The Rat Association of Texas


Whether you’re looking for a breeder or a rescue rat to give a forever home, we have recommendations for Texans looking for the small bundles of love and laughter that are rats.  And remember, if you see a baby that you’d like to adopt, near or far, the Ratty Train may be able to help bring you together!


Heart of Texas Rats Rescue Listings (Austin)

Smalltown Rats (Austin)

Pocket Angels Rattie Rescue (D/FW)

Fallen Stars Rescue (Pflugerville)

Houston Rat Rescue


Heart of Texas Rats (HoT Rats!) (Austin)

Warm Fuzzies Rattery (Mineral Wells - D/FW)

The Rat Owner’s Creed


The Rescuers Creed

We love our small friends and value their lives.

We will not knowingly sell, or allow them to be used as food for other animals.

We understand their value goes far beyond the dollar.

We will meet all of their needs.

We will never engage in back-yard breeding.  Ever.

We commit to taking our responsibility seriously and will provide quality food, lodging, vet care and attention to any animal that we promise to care for.

We commit to not taking on the responsibility if we cannot afford to do so, and furthermore we commit to not adopting to those who cannot commit to the same.

We commit to strive to be deserving of the love that these wonderful souls give us so freely.

We commit to take seriously our job in finding these sweet souls forever homes by meticulously screening each adoption applicant to ensure that the home is deserving of such a wonderful new family member.

In these and countless other ways, we commit to making their little lives as joyous and fulfilled as possible.